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Welcome, dear soul!

Here you'll find a set of courses that are here to support you on your journey as an empath navigating this every-changing world.

Learn how to go from burnt-out empath to empowered lightworker, sharing light and your gifts with the world. Activate your Light Language to anchor Light Codes into this dimension. Connect to Reiki energy and become an energy healer.

No experience necessary - but a deep desire to be and do more in this lifetime! We need you, so that together, we can bring in a New Earth!

With love,
Noémie ✨

Available Products

Online Session [1 hr]

You can purchase this for a 1:1 session for any of the following:

  • distance Reiki
  • Light Language healing
  • training (energy healing)
  • coaching (spiritual)

I actually like to combine everything in a session to provide you with the most comprehensive and supportive experience!


Thank you so much for signing up! Here you'll find a collection of channeled messages, light codes and other resources to assist you on your journey as you shift and transform into the fully embodied LIGHTworker version of your powerful, magical & beautiful self.

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